Team Wild Cactus Sponsorship Application

Once a year Wild Cactus does a large team search. This is usually in the beginning of each year, but despite that, we always welcome application submissions regardless of timeframe. This helps us ensure we are always available to accept the very best to our team.
Wild Cactus Tack is a very unique one and of a kind company. Despite being such a young company we have grown incredibly fast since being established in 2016. Because of our fast and continues growth we are always looking to expand our team with the best individuals possible. Our Sponsorship Program is consistently changing as we establish what works and what doesn’t so hang on tight as we approach our 2nd year.
As a member of our team we do not expect you to make sales. Our expectations of you is to simply represent Wild Cactus Tack the best that you can, whether that be via social media; other business platforms; during your contesting/eventing; whatever works for you. Incentives include, but not limited to standard rodeo shirt patches, WCT merchandise, custom tack pieces, marketing material and your very own rep discount code on all orders. Incentives are earned by your representation efforts. Little effort, little reward. Wild Cactus Tack DOES NOT pay entry fees. As a WCT Athlete we DO NOT expect you to make sales. Spread the word, help get our name out there. Help us as we grow. REPRESENT.
Both men and women can apply. If you are under the age of 18 you must have parental consent. Are you social media savvy? Travel often? What can you bring to the table? While applying keep in mind of the 100s of applications we receive, set yourself apart! Include pictures, well scripted bio and your social media accounts (Social media accounts will be reviewed prior to approval). We all have a wild side, but as a WCT Athlete you got to keep it clean. We will only accept the best.


  •   You currently sponsor another tack company or similar product. This helps us to ensure there's no conflict of interest for our athletes representing our team.
  •   If you are unable to consistently represent our brand throughout the year. The effort you put into joining the team should be the same amount of effort you put in to stay on the team. Athletes who do not uphold the standard of representation will be given a warning and ultimately eliminated from the team if no improvement.
  •   Have previously been terminated from Team Wild Cactus. No exceptions. 

CURRENT TEAM MEMBERS: If you are on or have been on the team you must reapply each year! No exceptions. There is no requirement to reapply if you choose not to.  
2018's team will be hand picked by a panel to ensure we are picking only the best and only those who have represented us well.
If you have applied before and did not make it, please do not be discouraged. We are constantly filtering applications so bare with us we process each.

Good Luck and thank you all for your support!!