“Snubbin Noses” Breastcollar

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“Snubbin Noses”

”The days are long and help has become short. Where a man lacks a hand he relies on his snubbing post. A wild ride, but gentle eye, this colt shows promise he’ll be worth the time.” 

“Snubbin Noses” showcases the fine craftsmanship of both leather and metal by Sabrina Kramer, illustrating a scene of a lifestyle lived by some of the toughest hands from both the past and present. 

A resisting colt, a cool headed cowboy and the onlookers native to the land all handcrafted down to the most Intricate of engraving, tooling and painting to give a classic western feel. 

This breastcollar includes a center strap and tug straps. 

If you decide to purchase a Headstall or Bridle that will also include more scenic style tooling with a fighting bronc concho and matching buckle.

Here at Wild Cactus Tack we take pride in offering both the collector and the eventor truly one of kind items. We do not offer replicas from our fine arts collection. We take one of a kind seriously. 

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