“Cowboy in the Moon” Headstall

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Sabrina Kramer brings ‘LIFE’ to her work no other. A first of its kind, hardwear that offers more than one expression. 

The “Cowboy in the Moon” Headstall features a highly detailed moon with eyes that shift side to side as she peers down on the hand engraved bronc that seems to never stop. A tiny cowboy sits on top of her head after being bucked straight to the moon (a scene featured on our “Space Cowboy“ Headstall). To add an extra touch, a handcrafted star buckle featuring a sleepy unbothered little Star brings it all together. 

Soft Hermon Oak Leather, soft pull up blood knots and a single ear complete this piece. 

** Push the cowboy back and forth to shift her eyes side to side. Eyes only move so far and aren't extremely loose to minimize any noise or sudden movements. 

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We take pride here at Wild Cactus Tack bringing true works of art to both the working cowboy and the collector.