WCT Bridle Bag/ Duster

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Add a little more protection to your investments with these handcrafted bridle bag/ dusters. 
In our attempt to improve the protection of our tack for our clients we designed the Bridle Duster. 

These bag come standard chocolate in color and measure up to 20” long. Secure your tack with the long leather ties from the inside and hang it up in your trailer or tack room by the loop. Draw string style to further protect your tack as well as allow you to keep a bit & reins attached without getting in the way. 

This bag is long enough to also cover your Breastcollar. Attach your collar by the center plate/ring and just pull over. 

The leather ties on the inside make it easy to reach in and flip the bag to quickly tie your tack. 
To reverse, just reach in and pull from the hanging loop to flip back out! 

These bags come standard with any of our tack that comes with handcrafted Hardwear. 

We will have more options in colors/designs in the future. Free shipping is offered at checkout.